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    Ipad Layout Solution




      My name is Felipe, and I started working with Filemaker recently.  I have solutions for Desktop and Ipad in landscape screen mode. 


      My question is whether to continue developing in landscape screen mode or is there any way to develop responsively with ipad screen rotations?  I've been researching about, but so far I've found no functional way to develop. 



      Would like to know if there is a really productive way to develop ipads.


      Thank you, 


      Felipe Palhares

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          You can both lock screen orientation, and detect screen rotations in filemaker go.


          Set Allowed Orientations





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            You can also make use of the 'Autosizing' anchors (shown in attached screenshot) to make layout objects resize depending on window size, and as such also screen rotation in FileMaker Go.


            For example, you could have a Button Bar object that stretches to fill the horizontal width of the iPad screen when in landscape or portrait orientation. Note that objects do not shrink from their original size, so best to design your layouts so that they fit in the portrait orientation and then have them anchored left and right so that they stretch when iPad is rotated to horizontal orientation. You can experiment with turning the top/bottom/left/right anchors on and off to see what effect it has.



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              Yann's DevCon session is a pretty comprehensive review of how to implement responsive FileMaker designs for iOS.

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                A basic rule of thumb for "stretching" a layout horizontally when using auto-size anchors.


                Select exactly one layout object in the body and set both left and right anchors to cause this object to expand horizontally when the window shifts to Landscape. Select the right anchor and not the left anchor for all objects to the right of it. Leave the default left anchor set on all objects to the left of this object.


                Then the left objects will stay put, the one object with opposing anchors will stretch and the objects to the right of it will slide to the right and not be overlapped by the "stretching" object with both anchors selected.


                The same rule of thumb applies to vertical changes in size, but with the top and bottom anchors.