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Open record exclusively

Question asked by lolli_group on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Mike_Mitchell

In my "immense" (it's really big, now... ) database, when a user try to print a technical report, Filemaker verifies many data, from customer's contract, administration, payments and so on.

Even if it seems strange whit so many records, the same record could be already open.

I do not want to simply have a windows with alert message for example using a trigger OnRecordLoad, I want that this script to print could bypass record locked even if the user is working on that record is fired away.


This is because the same kind of script is useful even when a user wants to print thousands of reports. I don't want mistakes because one of 1000 records is locked, and I don't want the script stops.


Is it possibile to become the "boss" of record even if another is working on it ?

I work on FM15ADV but also in 13 and 14.


Thanks !