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    Web plugin


      My company works on FileMaker, but also on web sites, and I'd love to integrate FileMaker with web sites.

      Problem comes from how the web interface of FileMaker is simple, difficult to make better.


      I don't want to use FM with MySql or SQL, I want to use it directly as a part of web site.

      This is also related with my refuge farm for children and animals toghether, for which I use some wordpress web site.


      Can you please tell me what are your plugin, which one do you use for professional / amateur use of FileMaker ?

      Can you give any examples, something already done ?


      Thanks !

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          FileMaker Server (out of the box) can:

          1) display layouts (approved themes) as Web Direct.

          2) use of custom web publishing (requires manual creation of HTML/CSS/JavaScript pages and the use of a web application such as PHP - or any web application that can process XML)

          3) use of ODBC/JDBC for custom web publishing by any application that can process it

          • FileMaker 15 ODBC and JDBC Guide


          In addition, many have used FileMaker and calculations and exports to create static web pages that are then pushed to a web server (via FTP perhaps). This would be for sites that do not need to be dynamic (no direct access to the database), or even parts of dynamic sites that do not change frequently. Knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript are needed to create the pages.


          You have mentioned MySQL and that may be an option for Word Press or CS-Cart or other pre-canned sites. The access to MySQL from FileMaker depends on permissions by the hosting company. If access to MySQL (or other approved SQL db) is allowed, ESS may fill the need you seek:


          To answer your question: I have been a web developer as long as I have been a FileMaker developer (20+). I have personally use all of the above suggestions.


          You have to assess your own skills and what you can do or what you can do with others that have the skills to determine what method(s) you use.


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            Thank you for reply,

            I have tried all your suggested solution except PHP, and I think this could be the one which suits my (and client's, in case) needs.


            But I have no time to manually build pages after pages, and I'd love a plugin which helps me in this.

            Like dreamweaver, but whith something especially built for FileMaker.


            Can I ask you if you have anything that I could see in php + Filemaker ?

            What was your starting point when you have used this solution ?

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              I work non-public sites (behind firewall w/ FMServer) that cannot be seen. Because I have been working in web technologies a long time, I just use a text editor (BBEdit) for web development.

              I cannot endorse any plug-and-play site builders, but you might search this forum for suggestions.


              So much of any website is the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you like Dreamweaver then use it to create your templates which can then have the small PHP bits added.


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