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1 FileMaker Server, 2 Network Cards, 2 IP Addresses...

Question asked by ADNPlus on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by ADNPlus

We have a Win 2012 server running FileMaker Server.


The server has two network cards. The NICs are not "teaming" here, each card has it's own IP address.


And the databases hosted by the server can be accessed over either IP address.


It is also connected to a standby server (which connects to the primary via the  main IP address used by most users to access the hosted DBs)


Does anyone have experience with this kind of configuration?


We are trying to find out if it may have anything to do with some gnarly sudden crashes we have been getting in the last few weeks. We get some module suddenly crash per the Windows Application event log. In the FileMaker server this would logged as an error 701 - "Database Server process has terminated abnormally."