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Scripts: Why is it still not possible to set fill color?

Question asked by paulsondervan on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by siplus

FileMaker is on the market for many years now.

I'm working on an solution for a customer and he wants to use colored groups.

Every group (group table) has it's own color and can be changed by the customer.

The color is stored in 3 numeric fields (R, G, and B value)

In the Client screen the customer can select the desired group and he wants the background (fill color) of that group field to be colored accordingly the defined color in the groups table.


Script makes it possible to change the text color.

After all these years it still isn't possible to set the fill color for a field.


Can anybody explain me why, after all these years, it still isn't possible to set the fill color of a field in scripts?