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    Line Charting


      I have a table with the following fields: Date, Type, Amount

      I want to create a line graph that will have a separate line for each type showing the amount over time. I have the date on the x axis but I am not sure how to set the y axis to give a separate line for each type.  The graph is in a separate table and I have the data table related (X).  New to graphing.



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          How many types do you have?

          You need adding Y-series for every type (line on chart), so corresponding data looks like

                    type1     type2     type3...




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            Here is the table


            I want one line to represent D and each amount on the particular date with the other line as F. 

            I have messed with ExecuteSQL but cannot seem to get it right.  It seems like it would be fairly simple but I am stumped.

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              Option 1


              Define calculation fields in this table such as:


              If ( category = D ; amount )


              For each category.

              Refer to the calculation fields as your Y-Series


              Option 2


              Or use the "Delimited Data" option and use ExecuteSQL to produce each of your X and Y - Series. This avoids the need to create calculation fields, but requires using SQL...

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                I made a sample with a DashBoard layout.

                It's another way to do this and does not require SQL ( this way you need to create extra fields and relationships).




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