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Filtered value list help

Question asked by slongsdc on Jan 17, 2017
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Hello all,


This is my first query, and obviously one from a relative neophyte, but here goes.


I have created a database to serve as an electronic logbook for the maintenance of high-end publishing equipment. I have a table of all of the machine-specific maintenance procedures which I can successfully display in a proceduresMACHINE TO in portals on filtered slide panels per timing (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).


What I am having trouble with is the logbook itself. I have two options: one is to populate a portal with procedures filtered by the selection of the machine for the logbook entry. I have this working, but am having trouble passing the selections from this portal into another which will serve as the logbook entry for the date of the maintenance. The other, perhaps more elegant approach that I have partially functioning, is a portal with a pulldown menu of the maintenance procedures. My problem here is the filtering of the procedures: I can create the pulldown menu, and a new portal row is added to the entry, but all of the procedures show. I have tried different join tables and variables, but to no avail so far.


I trust that this isn't too vague. If someone could perhaps point me to a discussion where there is a solution to this or offer a hint, I would appreciate your assistance.