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Create Individual Keyword Tag Buttons

Question asked by bHouston on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by bHouston

Hello! I have an image database I use to keyword/tag images. Keywords can be manually typed into a Keywords field (comma space separated) and I also have a global ApplyKeyword field in which the user can type in a keyword and by clicking the image button, apply that keyword to the Keywords field. The current ApplyKeyword field was created as a global field for batch application to images in a portal on another layout but the global storage may not be needed here:


What I would like to be able to do for my users is to generate individual keyword tag buttons, so that when a user enters a keyword into a specified ApplyKeyword field (again, not sure if this should be global or not) and either tabs out or hits the Enter key (OnObjectExit), that keyword automatically gets applied to the image record, populating the comma space separated Keywords field (I already know how to do this and have it implemented),


AND THEN (this is where I'm stuck!)... each applied keyword becomes its own individual "tag" button that appears on the record.


Essentially, rather than manually typing/viewing/editing keywords into a text field, I would love to see and use keyword buttons (like commonly used button tags - in fact, just like the Tags used on this forum when submitting a new discussion, where once applied, you can click the X to remove)) to visually represent which keywords are applied to an image. So each record would have a set of individual keyword buttons (ideally alphabetized) that can be clicked to remove that particular keyword or when a new keyword entered into the ApplyKeyword field, generate a new keyword tag button. I know how to create the buttons on an existing field and get them to do what I need them to (as far as adding or removing the keyword) but where I'm stuck is how to generate these individual keyword tags.


I do have a Keywords Table, in which each keyword is its own record. But I can't figure out how to link the Images table and Keywords table in a way that will produce the above desired function (if a portal is needed to achieve such) and there would constantly need to be new Keyword records created by all users. I just can't grasp how that relationship would even produce such, particularly given that new Keyword records will constantly be created (the user isn't limited to existing Keywords). Alternatively, I'm wondering- is there a way that the comma space separated text keywords in the Keywords field could generate these tags for each record?


Thanks in advance for your time and help! This has been plaguing me!!