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    NYFMP Meeting Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at Cyber-NY


      Hi All,


      Join us in 2 days (if you are in town) (January 19, 2017) for the NYFMP meeting, hosted at Cyber-NY

      1) Send Powerful HTML emails…without a plugin…

      Curtis Smith from Efficient Studio will present a Windows Powershell method for sending HTML email through an SMTP server.
      Come to the meeting and learn a creative way to send more compelling emails.

      2) FileMaker Custom Keyboard Shortcuts…a key part of developer productivity

      Tony White of Tony White Designs, Inc. will share what he learned from studying and using the…

      Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancer tool, created by Matt Petrowsky

      This presentation will offer a great opportunity to:
      * Make sure you have a smooth deployment of your custom keyboard shortcuts
      * Learn about some advanced parts of a FileMaker Pro (Advanced) deployment
      * Explore a variety of advanced FileMaker coding techniques

      Join us and learn one more way to Enhance your productivity!

      More (at the meeting link above)...

      Tony White