FM Server 12 Delayed Write

Discussion created by tadzyh on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by gdurniak

I am having a problem with my filemaker server losing committed data after the server is restarted. The server is hanging on shutdown which is obviously one problem under investigation. It would seem that the filemaker server is unable to complete it's shutdown processes and my theory is that this means that any data held in cache isn't being written back to the file. However what is really throwing me is that the FM Server console is continuously reporting that the unsaved cache is at 0% and it is reporting regular disk writes. Watching the file times they are not updating in line with the console reports of disk writes. The server does not appear to be overstretched - running at cpu 85% idle and 30% unused memory. So why are the files not being written?


If anyone has experienced this problem and can give me some pointers for how to investigate this and (I'm being cheeky here) any ideas on further investigation of the server shutdown hang problem that would be great too. We are running FMServer on OSX 10.9.5 and cannot upgrade at the moment as our solution doesn't work on later versions.