show booking avaibility on the calendar

Discussion created by johnny83 on Jan 18, 2017
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I started to work with Filemaker just recently and need an opinion from you guys.

I have a table as shown below which contains tour id , tour date and the total people who would be joining to tour.




I have a monthly calendar as shown below and I am showing the available seats on the website using FM PHP API.



It takes approximate 5 seconds to show remained seats on the calendar just for one tour. Now, for me to show the whole month's availability would take 5 minutes. ( 30 days x 2 tours x 5 seconds  = 300 seconds )


I have been told that if I create 365 fields and get filemaker to update the remaining seats for each day when a new booking is made php api would get the data within seconds for the whole month. Is this wise? What is the most practicle way to do this?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions.