FileMaker Go just updated to v15.0.3

Discussion created by skywillmott on Jan 18, 2017
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So this morning (18th Jan 2016) I just got an update for FileMaker Go to v15.0.3 :-) - the first update since 15.0.2 which was released on 31st August 2016... Can't find any fuller release notes yet, other than a note saying it 'addresses bug fixes and various compatibility issues'...


Looking forward to hearing of any specific fixes/improvements that may have been made with this update...


UPDATE: One of the biggest problems I currently have with Go 15 is the way it creates bloated PDFs when saving report layouts with images in container fields, and have just tested with v15.0.3 and unfortunately this still seems to be an issue. With my test file, the PDF that gets created in 15.0.3 is still around 3MB compared to just 0.5MB when using the same file in Go 14.... poop.


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