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underscore in LIKE not escapable

Question asked by makerbert on Jan 18, 2017
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Hi all,


I have a list of names derived from a legacy system. Some names are like "YADDAYADDA_FK", others might have names like "THISAFK" or "THATZFK" and hold data which I'm not interested in.


The last THREE characters are important, including the underscore. Unfortunately the underscore is a single character wildcard in sql thus the executeSQL below returns both "YADDAYADDA_FK", "THISAFK" and "THATZFK" but I really only want the first.


Query in use is:

ExecuteSQL (


SELECT count(column_name) FROM tabe_COLU

  WHERE table_name LIKE ?

       AND column_name LIKE ?


; "" ; "";

table_name ; "%_FK"



This query works but also returns THISAFK and THATZFK, which is expected and understood but not what I need.


Various internet sources state I should escape the underscore by encasing it in square brackets:



table_name ; "%[_]FK"



but if i do this nothing is returned



Anyone any idea how to escape the underscore?