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    Reminder / Alert set up in FileMaker


      Greeting Community,


      What would be an best approach to take in order to set up an reminder email.



      I have the following form; it asks user for start and and stop  data as well as frequency. I want to send email after from the start date till the end date and every "given" number of days.


      When I save something in database, this box will appear welcoming users to set up reminders.


      I believe I will need an loop that will go through all records, check if the start date is valid, if it is than valid than another loop which will send user email of that given frequency.


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          It's not very clear what you mean with "save something in database", maybe committing a record and/or creating a new record of a specific type ?


          Anyway I would produce x records in a messages table, having the necessary data, and a script running on server daily at 6 AM, finding n messages, sending mail based upon the data contained in these message records then deleting (or marking as done) the message records.