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Printing/PDF Web Viewer in FileMaker Go; content always rendered as image

Question asked by davidhamannmedia on Jan 18, 2017
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Hello everybody,


I noticed that when printing a web viewer in FileMaker Go (15.0.3) to PDF the content always gets rendered as an image (as opposed to FileMaker Pro). Unfortunately, the quality of the rendering is quite bad and makes working with PDFs generated like this not practical.


Attached is a PDF generated with FileMaker Pro 15 and a PDF generated with FileMaker Go 15. Same file, same script (basically just calling "Save Records as PDF").


I don't remember this was ever an issue in the past and fonts and objects inside a web viewer were treated like actual fonts and pathes. The image rendering even takes place when printing a web viewer that contains a single SVG file (rendering of the vector graphic also blurry).


Does anyone know why this is and since when? Is this related to the changed PDF library in Pro? Was there a change in Go too?