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    How's Classic Theme in FMP 14 ?


      Running FMP 14.


      I'm a bit confused about all the advice to avoid using the classic theme. I mean, I understand the problems it poses for old solutions and converting up. 


      However, what I'm wondering is this :  if I create a NEW solution in FMP 14 using the "Classic, Warm" theme that's pre-installed there, is that ill-advised ?  That classic theme seems to be a true theme like all the others, not just a default that lacks styles like the old "classic" did. 


      Also, did that FMP 14 classic theme (Classic, warm) disappear from FMP 15 ?



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          Johan Hedman

          Classic Theme will always be there for solutions that you have converted from older versions of FM


          First off, I suggest you upgrade to FMP15.


          Then for all theme, you should always choose a theme that you think looks best and behaves in a way that you like I use Chinook´s Design Palette for this (it is free to download)

          chiyofm, LLC | Blog


          Implementing a new theme if you have many layouts is a time consuming work, but your users will see a performance difference and if you where to let users in using FileMaker WebDirect you can not stay with Classic Theme, because it will load very slow


          For Classic Warm exist on FMP15 too

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            It is my understanding that Classic Warm and Classic Cool are genuine themes, unlike the Basic Classic which really just consists of whatever was imported from an old file. Use of either of the former shouldn't present a problem.

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              Unknown if this is true (probably is). However, the concerns for any theme, is whether the layout will be used for Web Direct. Look at the list of deprecated layouts (in 15) if you plan to upgrade as well. No need to have to change again if you are careful.


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                Beverly, what Keywords said us really my question.  Old classic and new Classic seem to be different based on my searches on forums and Google,  but I'm seeking to confirm this here.


                Is Classic theme in FMP 14 a bad choice for a brand new solution in terms of speed (note: no intention of utilizing Webdirect here) and future conversions ?


                If it's a true theme as Keywords and others have indicated, I'd imagine it's okay, but needing confirmation on this.


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                  Thanks Johan-- so you basically disagree that FMP 14''s Classic theme is a true theme, like the others, and performs the same as the others ?  People do seem split on this based on threads I've seen...

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                    Johan Hedman

                    I say that it is a way to transform your old Classic Theme into something that look almost the same. I would choose any other theme 100% of the times I where to choose a new theme for my solution

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                      I would definitely avoid the basic Classic theme, as it is really a non-theme, purely intended to maintain the layout features of a file converted from a pre-themes version. The two Classic Refined themes (Warm and Cool) seem to me to be genuine themes, whose use should not be a problem. Nevertheless, my experience is that no built in theme is exactly suited to my desire in every respect, so I regard any theme as a starting point only upon which I build my own theme, and add whatever styles I need. A typical example is that the Default edit box will use left-aligned text. As soon as you alter this to centre-aligned or right-aligned you see that you need to save this as a new style (or leave it as an unsaved variation, which is not advisable).

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                        Markus Schneider

                        'classic' means the themes that were created by migrating FM solutins _before_ the css method for displaying layouts, has nothing to do woht the 2 themes in the classic 'folder' in FM14 when You are in Layout-mode and clicking on the 'themes button'


                        the classic (migrated) will load much more data than every other (new) theme...

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                          Thanks to all for your generous input.


                          And that makes sense, Marcus....guess that's why FMI decided to rename classic as Classic Refined (i.e., to indicate that it is different from the old classic and it uses the CSS method like the other themes).