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    almost there with self signed ssl certificate




      This question is for FMPro Server 14 running on windows server 2012 R2.


      Thanks to Mike Beargie for his input yesterday.  I have generated my serverKey.pem serverRequest.pem files.   I put the files on my mac laptop where I have openSSL installed.  I have run this command: 'openssl  x509 -req -days 3650 -in ./serverRequest.pem -signkey serverKey.pem  -out sis.crt' .. but have been unable to import the resulting sis.crt file. 


      I then renamed sis.crt to old_sis.crt and then ran this command: 'openssl enc -base64 -in old_sis.crt  -out sis.crt' .. but still could not import the resulting sis.crt file into filemaker server.


      I feel like I'm THIS CLOSE to installing a self-signed cert so that I can have SSL working with filemaker server.. but I need help with the last mile.. happy to do it on OSX or on Windows 2012.. I just need to know the steps..


      Thanks in advance for any guidance!




      Best wishes,