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I need someone to establish a relationship between two files

Question asked by wedoshows on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by philmodjunk

The files that I am now using in FileMaker (Pro 15) are "clones" of ones from years ago.  For the most part, they function pretty well, but are associated by relationship links to files long gone.


At one time I would create a new record, type in the customer ID number, hit tab and all the relevant information about that customer would be pulled from my master file.


I need someone who could set this up for me ... only four files to work with.  File A should connect and pull information from File B; and File C should pull information from File D.


Anyone wish to quote me on doing this?     And, no thanks, I don't want someone to walk me through the process.  LOL