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Passing special characters in fmp url param

Question asked by Extensitech on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by calebmiranda

Hoping someone either has a more elegant solution than I can come up with, or has already done the gruntwork for something inelegant that works...


Within an fmp url, the script parameter I need to pass may include special characters (i.e. @, #, !, etc.). This appears to "break" my link.


If I use GetAsURLEncode for the link, the link works, but the script I'm calling doesn't "decode" the parameter.


The parameter I'm passing is user-entered and free text.


At this point, I'm considering doing replaces for every special character I can think of in the url, then swapping them all back in the script. This feels like a rabbit hole, or at best a terrible hack, so I'm hoping someone has a better idea?


Chris Cain