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    filemaker server


      hey group!


      i run filmaker pro single user and i have connected with ipads and iphones etc..  however i want 2-3 users to connect using Ipads and i keep being told that filemaker server is the way to go, can i ask:


      - if i install FMserver onto a desktop pc that everyone has access too, is the password side good and secure so i can have sensitive databases running as well as general user databases running but only allowing access to the right people even if they use the same database but the screens will be different depending on their password level.


      - is it easy to set up and install?


      - can i develop / edit the database online / in the cloud?  i.e when im at home can i access the server ok as if i was in front of it? and can i edit it with an ipad pro? or do i still need a pc?


      - can i have just 1 server on a desktop and say 3 to 5 ipads accessing and using the data i.e no other pcs?


      - is it worth the cost?  i have literally just come across a site called Zoho which claims to be better and cheaper but i have not looked at it yet as i use filemaker but i would like to ask if others feel it's worth the cost for a small business with 2-4users?


      regards Fluffy

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          You can share with up to 5 people from FileMaker Pro.


          To be able to access your data remotely you need:

          1) A static IP address from your internet provider.

          2) Forward the ports you need from your internet router to the host PC.  It sounds like you only need port 5003 forwarded.


          If your data is important I would suggest that you get FileMaker Server because it can do automatic scheduled backups.  Otherwise make sure that you have a good backup plan in place.  Note that you can't automatically backup a file hosted with FileMaker Pro, the file needs to be closed first before it is backed up.  A backup of a file that is open in FileMaker Pro will likely be corrupted.