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New to Filemaker Questions About Layout Management

Question asked by kbs756 on Jan 19, 2017
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So I'm messing around with a Demo of FileMaker Pro and trying to figure out how to do some things and it may just be that I'm not sure what they're called and searching for the wrong thing but I would appreciate if I could be pointed in the right direction on certain things.


I know this is a lot but just hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction with these topics or alert me that I'm approaching it wrong.


- For one I'm wondering if I can make a custom start layout based on the user that logs in to select the relevant layouts they can access even if for example there is no active relationship between certain tables or sets of data. Based on what I've read a layout is always supposed to start with a focus on a certain table does this matter for something like this? or can I somehow define a default layout based on user type and privalidges that doesn't have to be referenced to a table and just fill the interface with buttons which go to a certain layout?


- Second, I'm probably blind but is there somewhere I can limit an accounts access to certain tables ... or even to certain records in a table the account has access to? For example say I have a set of retail customers and wholesale customers ... and I want to keep their info different as I don't want normal employees not involved with wholesale to be able to access and contact my wholesale customers. Additionally within wholesale customers if I have different salesmen and women, who have been assigned to or brought in different wholesale customers I don't want them to be able to access a different sales persons customers. Is there a place where I can build in this type of granular security?


- Third- I was also wondering about scripted imports and exports from excel files and if its possible to map the values from say an order file import filled out in excel to the various component tables that it would have to populate. Say for example I sell on eBay or an other marketplace and they send me a form of data for my orders which could now include customer info, seller info, shipping type, shipping date, etc ... so I would want the script to either link the data to pertinent contacts in related tables or if not present actually create the customer and such records. Also would not want to have to constantly map the set format and rather as long as its a set format read it correctly.


- Forth - I was also hoping to be able to export certain items and there are very specific formats for export that I would need to be able to achieve to for example export items for listing to an eBay listing solution. For this variation listings often contain one line which is the master record and trailing lines which do not populate a lot of the data which are the variations and in this order as well as formatting are very important. Is it possible to if i say select items to list from my products ... and then select variation groups ... to somehow script this type of structure during an excel export as I would be able to in an excel macro? Trying to do everything under the hood of one solution rather than being all over the place


Fifth - What would be the best approach to storing data on all the multiple variations I have ... for example one of the products I do is jewelry.


So I have a designs table which has the pertinent data about the design

a Models table which has pertinent data about the multiple models which are under the same design

and then say the model takes gemstones ... I could have 10 different gemstones ... in 20 different qualities

I can also have many different metals for the same object to be created in.


So one I would have to manage the different variations consistently to be able to reference them correctly and consistently. And 2nd I would want to be able to price them automatically, but also not override the price in say invoices and such after they had sold



Anyway thx again in advance to anyone who can direct me in the right directions. I know it sounds like I'm trying to run before I can crawl, but would appreciate the help as right now my business functions on a ton of separate excel files and a lot of paperwork and I'm trying to streamline it