New user for FM15 Pro - ODBC datasource issues

Discussion created by simonrh on Jan 19, 2017
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Hi Community,


You have done me well so far in answering every FM question I have come across by googling and getting community answers so far but I am stuck with an issue.


We have been trialling FM so far using fresh native tables created within FM itself. Now we have found our feet with FM we want to integrate it with a lot of existing, legacy DB information. We need live access that is up to date at point of use


We currently have a large CRM database in "Adaptive server anywhere" (sybase SAP system).


We currently have a large Visual fox pro database for our business system.


Both of these are set up as 32 bit ODBC datasources on our PCs (windows 10, 64 bit).


We uninstalled the 64 bit FM15 installation we have been trying and installed 32 bit to match all our datasources (cant seem to find 64 bit drivers).


These 32 bit datasources can be accessed by other software successfully (Excel, crystal report, MS-Access) but when we try to add them to the relationships graph in FM, i get a "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported".


I created an MS-Access database that simply opens one table from the sybase CRM database and saved it as a an Access DB. I then  created an ODBC system DSN connection to the MS- access database and tried to open it in FM but again "not supported".


I thought ODBC was pretty generic and worked system wide, are these real faults or am i doing something wrong. This was going to be our "killer" use to bring all the legacy data together.