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    Discount Price Calculation


      Ok, I know this should be a no brainer but it's cold here in Canada and I'm experiencing a brain fart right now, so please be gentle.


      I want to offer a discount off a regular price. So, I have a field 'Regular Price", a field 'Discount' (which will be a percentage like 10% etc. And I have a field that will show the discounted price called, 'Discount Price'.


      $25.00 - 10% =?


      Could someone please spell this out for me in step format so I can go in and get this one off my plate? I took a look at the FileMaker built in solutions for INVOICES and the way they accomplish this is by using variables and other fancy calculations. I'm still trying to get my head around variables so that is no help to me at the moment.


      Thanks and have a great upcoming weekend.