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Detect what record an error occured in Send Mail in a script

Question asked by jcgrafted on Jan 19, 2017
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I am using FileMaker Pro 15.





I am sending emails from a script. It works great most of the time. If, however, there is a mistake on one of the emails I have entered, IE "gmail,com" instead of "", the script will stop sending at that exact spot and I will get the following error:





Email(s) could not be sent successfully.





I then get the Custom Dialog that I set to tell me the script run has reached the end of the script.





Everyone past this record will not get their email. Unfortunately, it does not tell me where the error occurred. If I could find where the error occurred, I could alter the find criteria and resend to just those who did not receive the email previously. I see the script option "Set Error Capture". I set it to "on" but do not see any difference when the script fails.





What I would like is to capture my Record Num field (a usable field I has auto set from the actual Record Num) and display it in in my Custom Dialog. Then I would know where it failed.





Alternatively, or better still, additionally, I could test each email and not send to ones in error.