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    numerous reports within one layout



      I am new to filemaker and have recently purchased FM 15. I am wanting to generate different reports using different fields within one layout.


      The attached screenshot shows a box I have created with numerous tabs. Within each tab I want to create a separate report. i.e. a report for "arrival", a report for "end of exhibition" and a report for "de-installation." Each report will contain information from the fields "Exam By", "date", "signature" and "the larger text box" however the information will differ between the tabs.


      I have read in a previous discussion that FM does not yet have this capability? If this is the case, how best would I achieve the need for numerous/separate reports?


      Thanks in advance. Any help is much appreciated!




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          Generically speaking: abstract as much as possible.


          Think about invoices - you don't have one layout for every invoice, but a generic layout that combines different line items with the data from a Product and an Invoice table.


          For ad-hoc reports, a simple yet effective way is to specify the parameters of a Find via globals, then either use them (or a $$variable if you need to process that input) as headers. If you have recurring boilerplate texts for different report types, store them in a table and flag them with the report type so the appropriate text appears automatically (provided you specified a report type).


          Depending on your data structure, there are other ways to re-purpose layouts cor different scenarios.


          Also, be aware that usually you have a form layout for data entry, but a list layout for reports. So you could habe your different tabs on one layout to specify the report parameters, and another layout for the report itself.

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            Thank you for clearing that up!