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FMP15 or FMGo15 can not access hosted files on FMS 15 from Outside network.

Question asked by chs0615 on Jan 19, 2017

I have two FMServer.   One is FMS12 on server 2008 and the other is FMS15 on server 2012r2.


I can access the files hosted on FMServer12 with FMpro 12, 13, and 14 from outside network.

But I  can not access files hosted on FMServer15 with FMP14, FMP 15 and FMGo15.

It works fine from internal network.

Webdirect is working fine with FMS15 and the port 5003 is opened. Of course, IWP works fine with fms12.

When I try to connect FMS15, FM14 or FM15  or FMGo15 shows that " Connection failed." from ouside network.

The files are checked with Go/Pro and status are normal on Server Activity screen.

I can not find out what make a problem not to connect to hosted files?

I need help.