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Webdirect Error 307 after Perform Find script on Open

Question asked by hmpsltd on Jan 19, 2017
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I am an old soul with Filemaker but just recently started some work with Webdirect. Hopefully this is just a newbie issue.

I have pretty simple Webdirect application that i want that i want to locate a record using a script and passed parameter from a URL.




No issues getting the correct record to display properly however, when you try to edit the record, it gives error code 307.

If I remove the Perform Find step in the script the problem goes away. I need the user to land on a specific record from the URL. If there is a better way any suggestions welcome.



Set Error Capture [On]

Set Variable [$id; Value: Get ( Script Parameter )]

Perform Find (searches for $id)

Commit Records (Skip all, force commit)

Refresh Window (Flush all)


System Configuration.

FMS version

Chrome (Latest version)

Edge (Latest version)

Windows 10 client


What am I missing?