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Set field after import

Question asked by sivagurS on Jan 19, 2017
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I have a table NEW_WO, that has two fields New_WONum, sessionID

Inside a PSOS Script (GenerateNew WorkOrder),


I have two lines

Import Records, [Source ODBC --> Destination New_WONum], runs a Stored Procedure. the stored procedure returns an integer and sets it to New_WONum field.

this import is running successfully, adding a new record and Setting the new wo number to it.


After Import is done,in the same record, I try to set the SessionID field with a Script Parameter that is passed on to the PSOS script.

this Set field fails, giving me an error,  not part of a relationship.


the table New_WO is an independent table without any relationships.


any suggestions why this is happening?