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    arrange and align multiple objects in a layout



      I have a layout that should hold multiple objects in Form view.

      there are more than 2 objects to be placed horizontally.

      The same layout when opened in FM Go across different iOS devices(iPhone 6,iPhone7, iPad min, iPad) etc

      has to automatically re-size and align themselves to look the same across all devices.

      I tried playing around with Position Inspector, but couldn't get it to work.


      any suggestions pls



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          These are the best tools for this—

          Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.31.53 PM.png

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            If keywords' response does not answer your question, you may need to describe the issue in more detail as you refer to the layout resizing--controlled by auto-size anchors, as well as having the objects align--align to what?


            The basic rule of thumb for using auto-size anchors to produce adaptive layouts is:


            For a horizontal size change:

            In layout mode design your layout to "fit" the smallest width of the devices for which it is intended.

            In a given row of layout objects, select one object (cannot be a group of objects) on which to set both left and right anchors. This object will "stretch" as the window width increases.

            Set only the right anchor for objects to the right of this object so that they "slide" to the right and are not overlapped by the object that is set to "stretch".

            Set only the left anchor for any objects to the left so that they stay put and do not change.


            The same applies to horizontal size changes but work with the top and bottom anchors.


            A different alternative which can be made to work for some form view layouts is to remove all auto-size anchors from all layout objects. They will then "center" on your window as a group. To ensure that the window then expands to fill the screen for devices with larger screens, you put a layout object in the bottom right corner of the body with only bottom and right anchors set. Use Hide Object When to make the object invisible when the layout is in Browse mode. This produces a layout where the layout objects stay centered as a group but the margins expand/contract to adjust the layout to different devices.

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              Thanks so much, that's what i was looking for.


              I was hoping to find a way to get all the layout objects to stretch  as opposed to stretching one object and sliding the adjacent objects, so that all layout objects look a uniform size.


              I like the second approach, but looks like a waste of a lot of .screen space, when we open the layout in a bigger screen. i.e. when we open a layout in iphone, it looks good, but the same when opened in iPad or a desktop computer, the form shall look much smaller.

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                It is often best to create one set of layouts for the iPhone, another set for iPad and a third set for computers in order to make best use of the different window dimensions and proportions. Use anchors to make modest adaptations and don't try to push the envelope to get a layout that works for all devices and orientations.


                I often create two copies of every iPhone layout, one designed for portrait and one for landscape orientation. I then use a script trigger to change layouts when the phone is rotated.

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                  thanks for the advice philmodjunk


                  that's the approach I am working with now,

                  thought it would be more efficient if I can just keep one layout that

                  will work across different devices.

                  I am new to Filemaker, haven't done the Certification yet and hence learning as I go.


                  Also one more question.

                  I managed to stretch the tab control.

                  but is there a way to auto stretch the individual tab sizes



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                    Not sure what you mean by that. All the panels of a tab control are the same width. The width of the Labels of the tab control are specified in tab control set up. There's no way to specify an anchor for the labels. But some label justification options may be more amenable to a tab control that "stretches" than others.