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Custom invoice solution with products grouped as kits

Question asked by syms on Jan 19, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I have been using FileMaker for some time now and even though I somehow manage to get my way around it, there is an issue I cannot solve so far. I'm building a custom complete invoice solution which should allow me to quote more than one product kit at the time. A product kit, as its name implies, is made of different components that can change all the time. Every time you want to quote a product kit to a customer in my solution, you have to select each component from different portals (thus create a product kit) and have them shown grouped as product kits in the invoice print layout. In the case the same customer would request 2 or more product kits, you have to be able to quote a second, a third or a fourth product kit for the same invoice for him or her.


To illustrate my example, this is what I have done in my solution. I have all the components I use to create a product kit broken down in different tables so let's say here for the sake of simplicity that we have Component A in Table TA, Component B in Table TB, Component C in Table TC, Component D in Table TD, Component E in Table TE and Component F in Table TF. I then use Portal PA, Portal PB, Portal PC, Portal PD, Portal PE and Portal PF to show records from Table TA, Table TB, Table TC, Table TD, Table TE and Table TF on Layout L1 where I can select each one of the components and show them in a Portal P1 as line items for the customer invoice. The problem I'm facing in my solution is how can I for example select Component A, Component B and Component C, have them showing as Product Kit PK1 in the Customer Invoice and then add Component D, Component E and Component F, have them organised as Product Kit PK2 in the same Customer Invoice?



I hope my example is not too confusing. Thank you for you much anticipated answers.