FileMaker Go 15 - Memory Hog?

Discussion created by JackRodges on Jan 19, 2017
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16 GB on an iPhone used to sound like a lot of memory, at least to someone who started with 400K floppy disks and paid enough to buy a house for Apple's 20 MB hard drive (that's Megabyte) which is about 1000 times less than my iPhone.


SO, here's the question: what's going on with FIleMaker Go and how can I make it go away?


File Jan 19, 7 18 11 PM.png


I deleted all of the FMP files on the iPhone plus a PDF or two. There's nothing there except GO. I also quit FileMaker Pro so that there would be no lingering hidden connection.


GO has an app size of 144.6 MB but documents and data are taking up 1.92 GB. Before I deleted the files on iPhone it was 2.06 or so.


A 128 Gigabyte iPhone is looking more realistic every day but I know it would just fill up with junk apps that I lose interest in.


So where's the app that will free up memory or is this a bug in Go 15.03 which I just updated? If so, maybe wait a bit and see if it gets fixed?


Question: what's going on here?