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IOS OnTimer Chart Memory Leak

Question asked by IanR on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by IanR

I am using the SDK 15.02 to develop an app.

(FMPA, Xcode 8.1.2, Sierra, MacBook Pro 2016)


When on a particular layout, I have an OnTimer Script running to update a timer field each 10 seconds.

Recently I found the Memory Usage chart in Xcode which shows the memory being used by the app when in debug mode.


I was surprised to find the memory usage stepping up each 10 seconds.

After some trial and error I have isolated the issue to a Pie Chart I have on the layout.

If I remove the Pie Chart, the memory usage does not step up continuously.


As a work around I have used a "Hide Object When" condition to hide the chart and then reveal the chart in two consecutive script steps.

This happens within the OnTimer Script.  This stops the memory usage stepping up each time the OnTimer Script is call while on that layout.


Is this an expected memory usage creep?  Is there a better way for me to resolve the issue?