Add Google Maps to a current layout

Discussion created by craig157 on Jan 20, 2017
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Good Morning All!


I am very new to Filemaker so apologies if this is a Captain Obvious Request.

I am using Filemaker Pro 15 (with the latest update)


My First Application I have built is quite simple; it is essentially just a Sales Request Form that has been transferred to be electronic so we can use it on iPad and mobile. I have just been testing the waters so see what limits there are to Filemaker and just adding as much details as possible.


The next step I want to do is add an interactive map to my customer details tab, so when we update the Postcode / Street Name it will bring up the location on a small GoogleMaps container (or alternative service).

I don't need it to show directions or anything, but I would just like to be able to zoom in & out so we can see the area and etc.

Could you please advise how I would go about this all? All the results I've looked at seem to have very different answers.


I've attached a screenshot to show what type of fields I am working with. (Like I mentioned before; keeping it simple and quite unfriendly looking just now)