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    Diplaying or reporting my information.


      I am in need of a solution to accomplish the following;


      Transaction Table fields


      ParticipantIDfk (from related particpant table)




      Transaction Amount


      I have 100 plus record in the transaction table.


      I am set with the transaction table.


      I am in need of a display/report by participant along with the amount by each employer.


      For instance John Doe has the following records (contributions on their behalf) in the transaction table

      Name          Amount     Employer

      John Doe     $100          ACME Manufaturing

      John Doe     $100          Spacely Sprockets

      John Doe     $150          ACME Manufacturing

      John Doe     $25          Mels Diner

      Jane Doe     $75          Mels Diner

      Jane Doe      $75          ACME Manufacturing


      The results I need are a display or out


      Name                    ACME          Spacely               Mels                    Total

      John Doe               $100              $100                    $25                    $225

      Jane Doe               $75                                            $75                    $150


      I was toying with a transaction/participant join table.  I understand the total column will be a summary of each column but I am not sure how to tag the columns Acme, Spacely, and Mel's to display by the participant.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Once again, we have a request for a cross tab report. If you search under that phrase, you can find a number of different methods for producing that type of report. If you read one and don't like the options, keep searching given the different methods available.


          Alternatively and much more simply, you could produce a summary report that looks like this:


          John Doe   

              ACME Manufaturing   $250

              Spacely Sprockets      $100

              Mels Diner                 $25


          Jane Doe   

              Mels Diner                  $75

              ACME Manufacturing  $75


          The above report uses summary fields, sub summary parts and sorting to produce this result.