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    Importing data trouble




      I've created a layout for an inventory and have imported records from an excel spreadsheet.


      All the records have successfully imported to FM 15 however when I edit a field on record number 1 it automatically edits all the other records with the same information.


      How can I prevent this from happening so that I can manually edit all records separately?


      Thank you!

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          It sounds like the field you are editing is set up as "Global", which is likely not what you want.


          In Manage Database, select the field and click "Options...", go to the "Storgae" tab and uncheck "Use Global Storage..."


          Is this what the issue is?


          If so, you will likely have to clear out and reimport...

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            Hi Eric,


            Thanks for your response.


            I followed your instructions however the "use global storage" is currently unchecked.


            Do you have any other suggestions? Could it be an issue with my relationships as a couple of fields are not encountering this problem? (I haven't set any of the fields to global as they all contain different information)

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              It definitely sounds like your field is from a related table and all your records are matching to the same record in that table. Thus the same change appears for all records.

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                Hi Phil,


                I just had a look at my relationships, and yes the fields that are editing for all records have been created in a separate related table.


                I created this separate table so that I could create a report from these specific fields. Is there a way to have the related table without all the records matching so that a change to one record does not appear in all of the records?

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                  Of course it's possible, but I can't provide any advice on the manner nor can Eric without some idea as to how you set up your relationship and why you set it up the way that you set it up.

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                    I see!

                    I'm going to attach some screenshots of the database layout and the matching relationships and I hope that it might be easier to continue to solve this.


                    In regards to why I've set it up in the way I have, I've tried to keep the tables to a minimum and have created most fields in the inventory table. Any related tables are there so I can use that information in a separate layout to create reports from. I'm very new to filemaker and have recently started using it for my job as a gallery assistant (and have never had to create a database before) so there is a possibility that I'm going about this the wrong way. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 16.55.49.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-20 at 16.55.05.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-20 at 16.55.22.png

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                      Three specific questions:


                      1. What table is the "Product Details" layout based on?


                      2. What field are you editing when you see this "all change" behavior?


                      3. What table is that field a part of?

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                        And take a look at the value in your ITEM ID MATCH FIELD. It sounds like every record has the same value and this should not be the case.

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                          In answer to your question?


                          1. The "Product Details" layout is based on the table "inventory"

                          2. The Field "Sold By" for instance (along with other fields) was copying into the same in all records

                          3. The table this was occuring/that the field is a part of is "Invoice"


                          Thanks Eric and Phil!!!! I'll have a look at the value in my ITEM ID MATCH FIELD

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                            Sounds like Phil put his finger on it then (no real surprise there).


                            If every record has the same Match ID, then all 642 records in Inventory are linked to all 4 records in Invoice.

                            An explanation of why you are seeing what you're seeing...and a situation that makes your data unusable.


                            With your low record count, I would:

                            - Delete all records in all tables

                            - Make sure the ITEM ID MATCH FIELD is a uniqueID field of some kind with autoenter ID (UUID or Serial# incrementing)

                            - Re-import your data making sure autoenter options are NOT disabled


                            ...that will get your Inventory records in with Unique ID's

                            ...then manually repopulate the Invoice records...all 4 of them.