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    calculations cm - inches error


      Hi all,


      I've set up a calculation to automatically convert 'cm' in one field to 'inches' in a separate field.

      My issue is that Filemaker is calculating a total equation to the numerous numbers (height x width) I'm entering in one field.

      i.e. When I enter the number 1 into the 'cm' field, the 'inches' field automatically displays 2.54

            When I enter the numbers 1(h) x 1(w) in to the 'cm' field, the 'inches' field automatically converts to 27.94 (11 cm = 27.94 in)

      How can I recalculate so the first field displays '1 x 1' and the second field '2.54 x 2.54'?



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          First, 1 inch is 2.54 cm. 1 cm is not 2.54 inches.


          If you are going to enter more than one value (length and width) in your example, they should be entered into different fields--in some cases into different records of a related table even, if you need to support varying numbers of terms in your calculation.


          You could rewrite the calculation to check for multiple terms and evaluate the text that you entered as a calculation, converting the result into inches but that seems a needless complication here.

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            oops!! Thanks for the correction!!


            ah ok, I will create some more fields in that case