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calculations cm - inches error

Question asked by vm1 on Jan 20, 2017
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Hi all,


I've set up a calculation to automatically convert 'cm' in one field to 'inches' in a separate field.

My issue is that Filemaker is calculating a total equation to the numerous numbers (height x width) I'm entering in one field.

i.e. When I enter the number 1 into the 'cm' field, the 'inches' field automatically displays 2.54

      When I enter the numbers 1(h) x 1(w) in to the 'cm' field, the 'inches' field automatically converts to 27.94 (11 cm = 27.94 in)

How can I recalculate so the first field displays '1 x 1' and the second field '2.54 x 2.54'?