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      When eMailing a contract I've built in FM, my script looks like this:

      Go to Layout [Contract]

      Perform Find [Restore]

      Set Variable [ $_Path ; Value: Get (TemporaryPath) & "Contract.pdf" ]

      Save Records as PDF [Restore; With dialog; Off ; "$_Path" ; Records being browsed ]

      Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client ; With dialog: On ; To: recipient ; Subject: "Contact" ; "$_Path"


      I'm now looking into using docuSign with my iPads in the field.  Does anyone know how to build a script that will save the PDF to upload into their app?

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          As far as I know it can be done and has been done. I have not done it.

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            "DocuSign" has an API that allows you to upload a document in base64.  The API documentation is relatively straightforward.  We've built integrations like this for quite a few of our clients.  The script you're showing isn't for DocuSign though, so I'm a bit confused.  Are you wanting to just create a PDF and email it or use DocuSign's service?  Whether you're sending it from FMP or FMGo doesn't matter.  An important consideration when communicating with DocuSign is the coordinates of signature / initial blocks, so it'll require some testing.

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              Eric, I shouldn't have been so confusing.

              In short, I want to use DocuSign to finalize contracts.  My sales people use iPads now, so we would use the docuSign App.  Im' just  uncertain how to get the PDF to the docuSign App.

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                I need help on how to create the proper Path for the PDF to follow.

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                  If you are always using an iPad and a graphic of the signature is all that you need, you don't docusign. You can use Insert From Device to capture a user's signature directly into a container field set up for that purpose.

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                    Thank you,

                    but I need the complete PDF.  My document requires signatures and initials in several areas, and the security of a 3rd party (like docuSign) player.

                    If I could understand how to create a PDF path that I could then find from the DocuSign app, then I’m set.

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                      It is not difficult to do manually.  Save / export the “pdf” to the “Device” area of FM Go (iPad, or iPhone) using the path from Get ( DocumentPath ), or Get ( FilemakerPath ) into a variable; may have to strip away the filename, export using the path defined in the variable.


                      Then in FM Go from the Device area, manually: from the Device area, select to export the desired pdf, then export to open in DocuSign.


                      With FM Go, You should also be able to script to Print [ With Dialog On ], manually from dialog Select Destination directly to DocuSign.


                      Set Error Capture [ On ]

                      If Get ( Device ) > 2

                             Print Setup [ Restore ; With dialog: On ]

                             Print [ With dialog: On ]




                      End If


                      No API needed !!

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                        rouelf's recommendation is definitely the easiest approach.  You'll still need to identify signature and initials areas within the doc after it loads to the app if it doesn't catch everything and manually enter the recipients, etc.  We wouldn't typically recommend that approach to our clients because it's a workaround and not a smooth experience for the end user.  If you're the only one using this, then that's probably the best best then.  If you want other, less sophisticated users to use the app seamlessly, I recommend using the API.


                        Eric Miller

                        DocuWrx (...not DocuSign, lol)

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                          but I need the complete PDF.  My document requires signatures and initials in several areas,

                          And that is all possible from FM GO, if the PDF has the same general format in each case if you capture the signatures/initials first, then generate the PDF.


                          Not sure from what you describe how using the service improves security. Not saying it isn't more secure, just not sure what security is actually added with your approach...

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                            I was making this all too hard in my mind.

                            Once I down loaded the docuSign app, things became incredibly simple; 2- line script:


                            Set Variable [ $Path ; Value: Get (TemporaryPath) & "Contract.pdf" ]

                            Save Records as PDF [ Restore ; With dialog: Off ; "$Path" ; Automatically open ; Current record ]


                            Then, with the PDF open there is a box on top right to allow upLoading the pdf.  Select that button, and the app DocuSign is there and waiting.  All very seamless!!


                            I love FileMaker.  It simplifies my overcomplicated mind.