Repeating Field and GetNthRecord not working as expected

Discussion created by datastride on Jan 21, 2017
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An unstored calculated field with 11 repetitions.


Planned usage:

To display data on a printed report where "Slide Up" is needed. ("Slide Up" won't shrink the height of rows within the portal.)


If defined as:   


     Get( CalculationRepetitionNumber )


The 1st repetition is set to "1", the 2nd to "2", the 3rd to "3" ... as expected.


But when defined as:


    GetNthRecord( Related_Table::Field_in_Related_Table , Get( CalculationRepetitiionNumber ) )


The 1st repetition contains the data from the 1st related record in the related table, but all other repetitions are blank (whether or not there are more than 1 related record).


Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for any thoughts ...