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Portal trouble - cant get it to work!

Question asked by AitchB on Jan 21, 2017
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Thank you all for the help so far.


I have created a booking and cash movements (Debits and Credits) database. and cannot get the portal working. I've looked a several great videos but I suspect it is the relationships. EDIT: No matter what the relationship joins are between Daybook2 and Booking2 Daybook is NOT related when I go to choose fields.


I have the following tables - see attached image:


Daybook (Entry of data)

Cashbook (listing of data - using « find » to separate the various accounts for the moment)

Suppliers (linked to Daybook and Cashbook)

Banks (linked to Daybook and Cashbook)




Clients (A client may have several bookings - repeats)

Agencies (The Agency that found the client)

Booking (Reservation details for a client. Date of arrival is a unique date)


I want to place in a portal on the «Booking » table, details of payments from the « Daybook » table, by that client for that booking,


I need a Portal on the « Booking » table showing:

  date_paid (= date_bank from Daybook table)

  amount_paid (= amount_credit from Daybook table) There will be a maximum of 3 payments.

  Balance due = summary calculation of total due (from Booking table) - total of amount_paid (total of amount_paid = summary calculation total of      amount_paid).


The only unique field for a Booking is the date or arrival (date_arrive) or the id_booking.


Here is the relationship table. For my own clarity I have made Daybook 2 Booking 2 and Client 2 and have removed the relationships .


HenryScreen Shot 2017-01-21 at 12.56.41.png