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    Connection Failed


      I have a script that gets information from a url and it loops to different sites. Many times I get the error message "Connection failed." Is there a script step that I can use to bypass this error when it occurs? Thanks. I am using FM 15 Advanced.

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          Can you define 'bypass'?  What is it that you want to see happening?  Retry x number of times?  Move on to the next in the loop?

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            I would like to move to the next in the loop. Thanks

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              Can you post a screenshot of your current script?  Sounds like with the proper "Set Error Capture On" to trap for and then handle the errors you should be good to go.

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                OK. I set error capture on and it works great. Thanks for the help.

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                  Ok, just be aware that by setting error capture to 'on' you are suppressing error notifications to the user, the flip side is that as a developer you now have to trap for them and handle them, not just suppress the error message

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                    +1 on Wim's last post.


                    I see far too many scripts where Set Error Capture [on] appears as one of the first lines of the script. In my opinion, this is dangerous as it can hide the existence of script execution errors from the user.


                    In most cases, I use this step just before it is needed and then, if there is more to the script, I use Set Error Capture [ off ] to re-enable error trapping immediately after I no longer need it. There can be exceptions to this--such as scheduled scripts, but I've wasted more than a few errors debugging someone else's work only to find that if that one script step hadn't been used to disable error trapping, the problem would have been much more obvious.