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Converting layouts from Classic Theme

Question asked by Wicktor on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by Malcolm

Hello everyone,


I am using FMPro Adv 14.0.6.

I finally decided to convert my biggest solution from Classic Theme into a Custom Theme.

I was aware that it will take a significant amount of time (34 tables, 285 layouts), but I considered this also as an opportunity for refreshing the look.


So, I started like this: duplicate a layout, convert the new layout to the new Custom Theme, copy/paste everything from older to newer, assign a style to each field, label, button, etc.

The nightmare has started...

Many fields may have a different look in different layouts.

For example, in one layout a field might have "font color Blue, size 12, bold, aligned left", while in an other layout I may need to display "color red, font 10, aligned center, plain". Same for buttons that may look black, grey or whatever. And labels that might be bold or plain, aligned left or right.

I guess, I need to save different styles for each condition.

So using the example above I would save one style like: "Field-blue-12-bold-left", but also a style like "Field-red-10-plain-center"...etc etc

Then inside each layout I will need to peek the specific style for the specific group of fields...

I have already collected quite a number of styles, FileMaker becomes slow quite often, need to quit and re-run, and the overall time needed is growing.


My question:

is the above procedure correct or is there a better/faster way to proceed ?

Thanks for any input,