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Problems with ODBC Mysql shadowtables

Question asked by dambam on Jan 21, 2017
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I recently started using the feature to connect my Filemaker-solution to an exetrnal MySQL database, however, I have stumbled across a problem. I successfully linked the table in the MySQL-database to a Filemaker-table, and furthermore I can see the different fields which are in the mySQL database. Post added in the shadow table can also be seen in the MySQL database. So far so good, but when it comes to seeing data in the shadow table it gets messy. Currently I have 107 posts in the MySQL database, but only about 5-10 of these appear in the shadow table. This number changes from time to time when I refresh the window or press the sync button in the fields window, Interestingly, momentarily before the number of posts drops, Filemaker recognizes that there are indeed 107 posts in the shadow table. And thats not all, if I explicitly search for a post (lets say with ID 57) it shows up, so in theory I could do 107 independent searches to see all the posts in the table.


My question is thereby; am I missing something, is there more I can do to see the data than running a "select * from [table]" which does not work, or do I need to create a loop script which explicitly searches for each id number (a search on ID with number x..y does not work)? What could such script look like?


I realize the post got quite long, but I really appreciate all the help I can get with this problem