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Open File Script Step will not open designated files

Question asked by rlospennatoac on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by JackRodges

My open file script step does not work. Whenever it is activated, such as in an opening script, I get an error message that the designated new file cannot be found, which then requires that I find and click onto the file in order to open it. The files in question were all converted fm7 files. I am currently running FileMaker 13 Advanced. I have attempted several times to add the files through the Manage External files window. I have also tried to add the files in Manage Relationships window. When I try the latter, it will work while the files remain open, but once I close the main file and reopen it, the Manage Relationship window indicates that the file is no longer available. Any ideas? So far, my only successful work-around is to click open all the related files at the same time.