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File won't pass recovery cleanly but functions, laying out a plan

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by gdurniak

I started my DB in FM11 and have been building it and my skills ever since then.  I run my entire audio/video rental and production company off of it and It is the most valuable asset to my business.


I planned on one day starting a new DB that will be much better than my current.


As it turns out my file is terminally ill.  full recovery appears to be impossible and all my back ups from over 2 years ago are also producing the same result when recovered.  I think i narrowed it down to 2 tables with key errors.  I replaced those tables and it appears to be working but I don't want to risk staying in that file.  Clones, copies and backups all fail the same way.


I have done what i can to patch it up so my business can keep running but I feel like my only option is to build something new and fast.


I plan on creating new file from scratch but importing all my records from my first file when it is complete.


This is going to be a HUGE project.  I am trying to figure out if i can do it in modules.


I could create modules in the New DB and have the file reference the tables in the new DB while i am working.  I know that it is not a best practice but has anyone heard of a functioning but corrupt DB damaging another file while connected as an external data source?


I know that throwing my users into and entirely new DB will cause lots of little clean up that could cripple us for a week for to so i am really hoping to do this slowly. 


any input would be appreciated.  thanks