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    IOS Keyboard not hiding


      Sometimes in my app, the keyboard won't disappear even though the focus has moved to something else.


      The problem is that I haven't figured out when and why it happens.

      Basically I can't reproduce it  intentionally.


      Any known method to recreate this problem ?


      (it's with the sdk 15.02)

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          Usually it happens when cursor is switching to the next field (you should check Set Tab Order menu)

          Im using additional 1px field with Set Script Trigger -> OnObjectEnter-> Enable Touch Keyboard [ Off ] to hide the keyboard

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            Just to make sure I was clear, the focus is no longer on an editable field (no active field) and the keyboard does not disappear.


            Would deleting all the tab orders solve all the problems if I don't need them anyway ?



            I'm trying to replicate the problem intentionally but I can't. Do you know a method to recreate the bug ?

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              I think, that the focus/cursor could not be "nowhere". It should be on some field or button.

              If your Set Tab Order is blank, focus will return to your last active element and the keyboard will appear again.

              So my idea is to give him my 1px controllable filed.

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                The cursor/focus is "nowhere" when a record is committed (whether or not the commit succeeds). If committing the record doesn't hide the keyboard then that suggests a bug in FMGo.

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                  I still haven't resolved this.

                  It happened to a client once again today.

                  I want to try different solutions but the problem I have is that I can not reproduce the bug easily. It seems totally random.

                  As long as I'm not able to test my solution against the bug directly I won't even try one.

                  I 'm not going to add code and just wait to see if the problem happens again or not over an extended period.


                  So, anyone knows a sure way to reproduce the non disappearing keyboard ?