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Show notifications from variables on Windows 10 (using execute DDE)

Question asked by ekami on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by sam.gedert


On macOS, i use a calculated AppleScript to show notifications ( 10.9.0 or >) with 3 global variables:


"set notificationTitle to the \""&$$Title&"\"¶
set notificationSubTitle to \""&$$SubTitle&"\"¶
set notificationMessage to \""&$$Body&"\"¶
display notification notificationMessage with title  notificationTitle subtitle notificationSubTitle"


I would like to do the same thing on windows 10

I suppose i must use an "Execute DDE" statement, but i found no method to do this.

The idea here is not to use a dialog box who generates an interruption.


Thanks for your responses.

Best regards, ekami.