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    "Hiding" subsummary data in Browse mode


      FileMaker 10 / OSX 10.9


      After moving to a MacBook (FileMaker 10 Advaced / OSX 10.9) from a PowerBook (FM 9 / 10 Advanced / OSX 10.4) a list layouts now displays subsummary parts in Browse mode (manual: "Tip: You can view subsummary data in Browse mode when you view the file in Table View or List View and records are sorted by break fields").


      I don't want the subsummary parts showing in Browse mode, even though the selected records are sorted. How do I turn this off?

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          The simplest option would be to use two layouts where you are currently using one.


          Another option is to define a calculation that simply copies the value of your "sorted by" field.


          Sorting on either field puts your records in the same order but sorting on one will make the sub summary part visible where sorting on the other will not.