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Setting up Preferences for a file

Question asked by thehalpeen on Jan 23, 2017
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I have a file and I’d like to set-up a ‘Setup’ button that will bring the main user to a Setup page or a type of ‘preferences’ page.


I’m not certain what the correct approach or technique should be.

For example, I envisage a Contact page – company name, address, tax number, email, phone , etc. These will be ‘global’ fields, useable throughout the file - see sample layout below:




In addition, the file will contain various reports that will be emailed as pdf’s. These reports will go to various people – department heads – ie HR, Accounting and Sales, etc. But not all reports will go to the same people.

I’d imagine I create a 'management contacts' table. In this I’d have a field called reports. The report field would be a checkbox field and this would be populated  from a value list  - Report 1, Report 2, Report 3 - see below



I'd imagine, I create a script that:

  1. creates a pdf report of the layout I'm reporting on and save this in a temporary path
  2. Then go to the Contacts table above and do a find in the contact table for a particular report
  3. Send the emails to the contacts in the found set.


My Question

Is this the correct approach to setting up a preferences file for a user or is there a more efficient approach?