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    How to import records from an FMP file into a new portal?


      I  created a file in a DB and created several records in it. Subsequently, I created a portal in the parent file ticking the function of "Allow filling in, etc." If I add new files in the portal, it works, and adds my records at the end of the child file. I do not know how to fill in the records that had already been created in the child file represented n the portal, unless I copy them manually, and subsequently cancel the duplicate records in the child file. Any mechanism for automating that?

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          I'm not sure what you are asking. Your topic title does not seem to match what you say you want to do in the question that you then ask. Is this what you need?


          a) You have records in a related record that show in a portal.

          b) Some of these records were created before you added an auto-enter feature to copy data from a related record.

          c) You need to update these records to copy over the data so that they have the same set up as you get when adding a new record.


          There's no importing of records in what I just posted, so I am making sure that this is what you really want to do or not.


          If so, you need to describe exactly how you set up that "auto-fill" process as there are multiple ways to do that:


          a) you might have used a looked up value auto-enter field option.

          b) you might have used an auto-enter by calculation field option.

          c) you might have used a script


          How you accomplish what you need here depends one which method you used and whether auto-entering this data for any of your existing records should NOT take place or not.


          but you definitely won't need to create all new records just to get this information auto-entered.


          And for the moment, I am assuming that you even need to make such an added copy of the data that is produced by such a process. Many people new to this process want to copy over data from another table that dos not need to be copied and where doing so creates potential problems for their data should the original copy of the data need to be updated.

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            Thank you for your patient attention:

            I give consideration to but often have difficulty knowing under which category to place my question.

            Your point a) by related record do you really mean "related record in a record" rather than "related record in a file"?

            Your point b) I meant to say "I used the option "allow the creation of records in this table via this relationship" (my translated from the Italian version of FMP15, which I am using).

            Your point c) I would have liked to arrive at a system  for filling in the previous records but was not sure how to go about that.

            My points:

            a) I have an FMP file (call it File A) with some records filled in PRIOR to creating a portal.

            b) I created the portal for File A in the parent table, which indeed enables me to add new records to that file.

            c) the new records I create function well and they are added to File A after the previously created records, however:

            d) I can't get the records PREVIOUSLY created in File A to be visualized in the portal, unless I copy them manually into the portal, keep the copies and afterwards erase the originals that did not appear in the portal.

            I would like my portal to display ALL of the records created, old and new.

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              Most of that makes no sense. If you have a portal, you also have a relationship or a portal would not be possible.


              Please describe that relationship in more detail. A screenshot of your relationship graph might be helpful. In particular, I need to see the match fields specified for this relationship.

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                Here are some screenshots of the file, but my items are in Italian, not English. Is it simpler to ask "how does one pull already created records in a new portal, since these "old" ones do not automatically appear in the new portal. In the screen shot, ImpCasa (above) is not involved (yet) in my problem, but Spese_previste, below (foreseen expenses), is. It is related to RiepCas (summary of home expenses) where the portal was/is to be located. I well know that there is a relationship which is why I said the portal worked for NEW record entries, where as the old ones remained in the original file without appearing in the portal created subsequent to their creation. P.


                Schermata 2017-01-24 alle 15.34.20.png

                Schermata 2017-01-24 alle 15.34.50.png

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                  In order to get those original records to appear in a portal, you have to assign the correct value to the match field's used in the relationship. This can be done, but how you do it depends on your data.


                  From your relationship Graph, it looks like you want some "older" records in RiepCas to appear in a portal that you've placed on a layout based on Spese_Previste. That requires matching values in the PrevisteID and fk_SpesaPrev fields. Assuming that the correct parent record in Spese_Previste already exists and has the expected unique value in PrevisteID, you just need to edit the fk_SpesPrev fields of these records to give them the same value.


                  Here's one way to do that.

                  Set up a layout based on RiepCas. Put the fk_SpesPrev field on this layout.

                  Enter find mode and put just the = operartor into the fk_SpesPrev field and perform the find. This will find all records in RiepCas that do not have a value in this field. You can then format the fk_SpesPrev field with a "use values from field" value list where PrevisteID is the first field and some sort of name or description field from Spese_Previste is selected for field 2. You can then use this value list to select an ID for fk_SpesPrev and when you do so, this will cause that record to appear in the portal on the Spese_Previste layout when that Spese_Previste record is the current record.


                  And if you can perform a find to find groups of records on the RiepCas layout that should all have the same value in fk_SpesPrev in order to link them to the same Spese_Previste record, you can select the needed ID on one of those records and then use Replace Field Contents to copy this ID to all the other records in the found set.

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                    Italians say "geniale" (ingenious). You have taught me a lot and I am most grateful for your patience.