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Error 701 - FMSE Stopped during scheduled scripts

Question asked by erusso on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by erusso

I'm having an issue with a set of scripts.  I have 2 scripts that run every 15 minutes server side to push out iPad notifications and Emails.  The database ques the emails/notifications and the server side script checks and pushes out the emails/notifications to users.

If I run both the scripts the FMSE crashes and I get that error message.  It does not happen every time and it only happens if they're both running together.  The server can run the scripts together numerous times and be fine then all over a sudden it takes down the script engine.

I have tried running the script on a local machine and there are no issues.  There are no issues if its run local and run as perform script on server.


Here are some details on the server :

FMS 15.0.3

Mac OS Sierra on 6 Core Mac Pro with 12 GB Ram

1 hosted database

SMTPit Plugin Installed